6-Month Smiles Coventry

For patients who are put off by the notion of wearing braces or an aligner, Six-Month smiles is an ideal choice for straightening teeth.

This innovative treatment is available at Coventry Braces for patients who wish to achieve immediate results when choosing to correct twisted or misaligned teeth. Six-Month smiles is not merely a name; the system is truly able to achieve a winning smile in as little as six months.

If you have an important occasion coming up such as a wedding or family get together then this tooth straightening system is an ideal choice.

The Six-Month smiles braces are composed of small tooth-coloured braces and wires which are created by dental specialists in the USA. The braces are barely noticeable unless up close, with the braces needing to be tightened around every four or five weeks in order for treatment to be a success.

Orthodontic irregularities that Six-Month smiles can treat include the following:

  • Spacing
  • Overcrowding
  • Overjet (protruding front teeth)
  • Overbite (front teeth stick out over the lower teeth)
  • Underbite (lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth)
  • Crossbite (uneven upper and lower teeth)
  • Misplaced midline (the middle lines of the upper and lower teeth are out of balance)
  • Openbite (teeth don’t meet when you close your jaws)

The Six-Month smiles system is an ideal choice for most orthodontic treatment but is unsuitable for more severe cases such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

The advantages of six-month smiles

The main advantages of this brace include:

  • Discreet
  • Faster than other types of braces
  • Minimum discomfort
  • Cheap alternative to Invisalign or traditional metal braces








Six-Month smiles braces

The force applied to the teeth by the braces is kept to a minimum, resulting in little discomfort and steady repositioning of the teeth. An appointment with your dentist each month will need to be upheld in order for the braces to be adjusted, which will continue unto the end of your treatment.

The six month time frame is only achievable for cases in which teeth are visible when you smile rather than the entire tooth structure.

Other orthodontic braces which offer quick results include the Inman Aligner and Invisalign Express.