Invisalign Express Coventry

Invisalign ‘invisible’ braces has already established itself as being an easy to use, high quality and immensely effective way of fixing orthodontic abnormalities.

Now, there is an even quicker route for patients who are only in need of slight adjustments to their teeth, offering low-cost and quicker treatment with the same level of expertise.

If you are in this category then Invisalign Express is the perfect choice for you. This treatment is centred on aesthetic appearance rather than improving mouth functionality but is able to put right minimal orthodontic irregularities within six months.

Though treatment time may be shorter we at Coventry Braces do our utmost to make sure that every patient is given equivalent care and attention to those who have chosen its renowned predecessor. Thus, the treatment involves the same standard of modern technology, check-ups and results.

Ideal candidates for this treatment are those who have minimal overcrowding or gaps between the teeth.

One of the main differences between this treatment and its predecessor is that Invisalign Express uses a smaller amount of aligners.

The Advantages of Invisalign Express

Advantages include:

  • Same ‘invisible’ look as that of its predecessor
  • Shorter treatment time than its compatriot
  • Aligners made to suit you
  • Cheaper than the standard Invisalign system
  • Painless process

The Invisalign Express system

The Invisalign Express system moves teeth in the same way as its predecessor, making use of the same advanced technology to gradually move teeth over time. Unlike the standard system Invisalign Express is only able to correct slight problems such as tooth crowding or gaps.